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29th-Apr-2014 01:01 pm - Friends only
 Friends only
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24th-Mar-2013 12:48 am - FFX/X-2 HD REMASTER asldkfja;s
It might be time for me to make icons again. huhuhu
24th-Apr-2012 04:34 am(no subject)
ZW faces!
Open relationship. Fucking amazing. Best decision I've ever made.
15th-Feb-2012 01:33 am - Linsanity
When I go out into the world
I just caught on. I love this guy!
20th-May-2011 01:46 am - Today I took the last exam
When I go out into the world
Of my undergraduate career!! PARTY!

I'm graduating college in a week!
30th-Dec-2010 01:24 am - New layout
When I go out into the world
New Ratatouille header, changed the colors up in this layout a bit. Ratatouille means a lot to me, definitely one of my top favorite movies. I've watched it a billion times and have basically all the lines memorized. It never fails to inspire me. And it also got me into cooking, so that now I love cooking! I cook all my meals, and they actually taste good! Cooking makes me feel better when I'm stressed, and it's become my creative outlet. I'll borrow a line from the movie: "Good food is like music you can taste, color you can smell." It's really an art, and all the combinations of ingredients, discovering new tastes, it's amazing!

This Christmas one of my roommates got me a cleaver. One of those heavy rectangular knives that you chop meat with. IT'S AMAZING, I love it, and all my roommates love it too since they get to use it of course. Ahh, one step closer to my cooking dream.
21st-Dec-2010 07:04 pm - Tron Legacy, I am disappoint.
he fights for the users., That's Tron
Um, so... how to say this?

I wish I'd never seen Tron Legacy. If only I could have preserved my image of the hero-he fights for the users-Tron. What is Tron without Tron?
7th-Apr-2010 04:05 am(no subject)
When I go out into the world
Since I got my bike one week ago...

2 scratches on my right leg
bruised right knee
bruised and scraped left knee
scratched elbow
sore all over!
5th-Mar-2010 05:58 am - Hilarious and sad
When I go out into the world
Evolution of Evony Video Game Ads"

11th-Jan-2010 11:35 am - Guess what guys!
When I go out into the world
After 3 years and hundreds of hours later...

I got The End Garment Grid! That elusive Azi Dahaka escaped my claws 3 years ago, and today, TODAY I was able to oversoul it and defeat it. After completing all oversouls, Shinra gave me The End.

To be honest I was expecting more fanfare... a lot more fanfare. I was expecting Finale to be more spectacular. It is actually only spectacular in the amount of damage it deals. Which was only 27,000 max for my girls. It varies though, so it'll be less on stronger enemies. Sigh... next playthrough I will not escape from any battle and hopefully can keep that damage count at 99,999.

Nevertheless, I feel so completed! Getting The End was the original reason I decided to make an FFX-2 script, since I had to replay it anyway.

The only thing left is to finish the script, which I'm at the end of.
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